January 26 is Australia Day – a day for celebrating being Australian. This national public holiday consists of hundreds of events taking place across the country, including parties, concerts, parades, sporting events, barbecues, fireworks, and more.  Let’s take a look at just some of the events that will be held in Sydney this year: WugulOra Morning Ceremony: […]

The majority of Australians speak English.  Australian English has its own distinctive accent and vocabulary.  Here are some common words and phrases to try out: A     ace (excellent); ankle biters (little children); arvo (afternoon) B     bathers (swim suit); bonnet (engine end of a car); boot (trunk end of a car); brolly […]

Our Australia Country Research Project is a great way to launch your study of this island continent! Students work independently, with a partner, or in a small group to research Australia’s geography and culture using classroom books and websites.  They complete a variety of activities to show what they’ve learned, and glue them into a journal […]

In preparation for Australia Day (January 26), I will be sharing lots of resources throughout the month to help teach kids about “the land down under.” Let’s Get Organized… Gather a variety of books (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, folktales, biographies, etc.).  Here are just some of my favorites. Create a folder of bookmarked websites for children […]