September 30, 2016

Games Around the World

Bring world geography, cultural awareness, and lots of fun into your classroom or home all year long with Games Around the World.


Children all over the world enjoy playing traditional games like tag, hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and dominoes.  However, the names of the games, how they are played, and the materials they use may be different.  This product gives students the opportunity to explore and compare a variety of games that children just like them are playing around the globe.

Games Around the World


  • a summary table.  Plan for the materials or equipment needed to play each game, as well as the best setting to play (indoor/outdoor) and the number of children needed to play.
  • a world map.  Students keep their own copy to track the countries they have played games from.
  • 35 instruction cards. The colorful cards, decorated with the country’s flag, include clear instructions to prepare and play the game, its country of origin, and printables when necessary.
  • 8 extension activities.  Students compare games, invent a new game, research other games, and more!

Playing games offers a wide range of benefits in and out of the classroom.  Games help develop a variety of skills including social, language, problem-solving, and critical thinking.  They also provide opportunities for students to practice teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance.  Many of the games allow for a range of ages and abilities, and can be adapted to meet the needs of your students.

First graders enjoyed learning how to play Semut, Orang, Gajah from Indonesia.  They quickly realized it was very similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Outside, they got some exercise while playing Luta de Galo (Fight of the Roosters) from Brazil.

img_0689Both games gave us the opportunity to practice basic geography skills using the world map, learn Portuguese and Indonesian words and animals, and enjoy some class bonding time.

Some of my favorites:


Loteria from Mexico. Practice Spanish vocabulary with this Bingo game.


Fukuwarai (Lucky Laugh) is from Japan.  It is very similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey.


Tiu-u is from China. This dominoes game is called “Fishing” because you are fishing for matching dominoes.

Games Around the World is a great resource for building cultural awareness, developing geography skills, and having fun.  Enjoy!

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